Natural Fragrance As Unique And Natural As You Are

Using the finest natural flower essences and botanicals available, we create fragrances that add to your personal story and are uniquely you. All of our fragrances are hand blended in small batches on Cape Cod with the ocean as our backdrop and are inspired by nature, life by the ocean, travel, books, art, love, food, friends and cherished moments with family. In short, all of the things that make life so delicious!

We do not use synthetic fragrance oils and our line is free of synthetic chemicals, nitro musks and phthalates. We believe that nature provides us with an amazing scent palette and in this olfactory story you are the hero and/or heroine, it is not about smelling like someone else or having a scent completely mask your true essence. It's about you, natural-beautiful-you, the way it should be.

Hey, is that you who smells so good?