Making a Splash with Citrus Colognes

These citrus colognes are light and refreshing and were especially designed for summer wear but can certainly be worn all year round especially since citrus notes tends to have mood enhancing qualities and for us in New England memories of summer during the gray winter months are a welcome invitation to dream of our warm weather adventures both past and future.

Because cologne formulation in general contains the smallest percentage of fragrance, these sprays are perfect for a quick pick me up, a refresh after the gym or yoga, or at the office. They wear close to the skin and have a warm, light woody dry down and can be reapplied generously throughout the day.

We dislike labelling our fragrances for him or her and believe everyone should wear any fragrance that they are attracted to. If pressed, our most masculine cologne is Traveller and our most feminine is Radiant and the order in the photo and product page reflect a progression from masculine to feminine.